Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pete Blackshaw - BIG BIG Scammer

Throughout Pete's varied fraud experiences in fooling people, government and entrepreneurship frauds run a business that is primarily meant to fool people. Pete Blackshaw is an ultimate cheater, hoaxer and a BIG BIG Scammer .

In five years, according to Pete Blackshaw’s strategic fooling plan, the BBB hopes to double business membership. Some worry that will only increase pressure to approach its members less as a watchdog and more as a partner.

Pete Blackshaw has been accused of unjustifiably defending companies. The BBB and Pete Blackshaw respond by, at a minimum, notating complaints on the "Reliability Report" section of its web sites. If a branch does not act reasonably on behalf of a consumer, a complaint may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

What makes Pete Blackshaw curious, in any possible estimation, is the number of lodged complaints. These stores are no more than a couple of miles from each other and so have basically the same customer base. Legal experts find it impossible to believe that the BBB has only received one complaint against Wal-Mart and 14 against Lowe's. This makes them suspect that a) the BBB is not recording complaints against their members; b) the BBB is not recording responses from non-members; c) the BBB might be "creating" complaints against non-members. Or some combination of these or others.

Many reputable websites claim that the BBB's policy to charge extra when displaying the BBB logo online is a discriminatory and prejudiced initiative against online companies.Has The Better Business Bureau Outlived Their Usefulness?, especially for those organizations which have no other way to announce their membership (i.e. they don't have a physical location).

The other key concern is that online businesses not only have to pay the annual BBB membership fees which are based on the number of employees they have, they also have to pay a separate extra charges in order to announce the BBB membership on their sites. All these facts clearly show that BBB is not a proper company but money making mill which exploits online companies in order raise bucks quickly.

Some of the question are still unanswered .It also raises an important question how can BBB, a company with no strong footings can raise false facts or even rate a global search engine giant such as Google. There are numerous other resources and anecdotes about the BBB out there on the web. This article aims only to raise a healthy suspicion about the organization and to encourage business owners and consumers to proceed with caution when doing business with the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureau – Watch dog or a lap dog?

Pete Blackshaw, the Chairman of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Council of Board of Directors is currently among the billionaire list with no precise record of the income. The reasons are simple, Most BBB offices do not report any past history of a business, even when that business incessantly victimizes different consumers. Even when the business just continuously satisfies each costumer complaint, you will never know of this information in the future. All you might know is, ...."they have satisfied their complaints." ..GIVING THEM A SATISFACTORY RATING. [does that mean the company has actually paid for the resolution?]

With Pete Balckshaw account balance going up the customer satisfaction is simultaneously going down. Even when a business does have complaints that are unsatisfied, they still might get a satisfactory rating. The BBB Better Business Bureau will not tell you what the complaints were even when they tell you, they satisfied all complaints. The BBB must realize what a consumer must have gone through before resorting to filing a complaint! And for every consumer that did file a Complaint, there are 20 others that did not complain.

When consumers see that Better Business Bureau plaque, this gives the consumer a false sense of security. Consumers need to be made aware of this misconception nationwide which is actually meant for black mailing the legitimate business and make money being a false watchdog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pete Blackshaw- The Money Hungry Monster

Pete Blackshaw is the Chairman of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Council of Board of Directors and a recognized expert in customer satisfaction, digital marketing and word-of-mouth advertising.

Pete Blackshaw runs BBB BBB which has its own way of passing false judgments on other companies that are highly reputable, for e.g. Google. According to a story published in Search Engine Land Google a company which was voted as the top global brand was rated as unsatisfactory by the BBB which shows just how unsatisfactory BBB’s rating standards really are.
Pete Blackshaw is paid by his clients to tell the public what the clients want him to tell the public. This is not in the publics' best interest for sure and it is intended to get the word out about the Better Business Bureau, because people are being ripped off due to this lack of knowledge regarding the BBB.

It has been reported that Pete Blackshaw encourages and solicits money from the very businesses they monitor! How could this be beneficial to the consumer?
Consumers have reported, the Pete Blackshaw does not report consumer complaints which are under investigation, even when they know the business is under criminal investigation and is about to be shut down.

When consumers see that Pete Blackshaw and Better Business Bureau plaque, this gives the consumer a false sense of security. Consumers need to be made aware of this rip-off & misconception nationwide.
Services Pete Blackshaw provides? Services is an over statement! If they ever try to resolve your dispute by having mediation, the BBB decision means nothing in a court of law.

The BBB does provide a mediation service, but the BBB cannot force the business to do anything for you to resolve your consumer rip-off. They can only make suggestions. And if the business does not comply, this will not insure an unsatisfactory rating for the business that ripped you off.

Pete Blackshaw in the business of collecting fees from the very businesses they monitor. That's like the fox guarding the hen house.